"His opening piece had the audience grinning from ear to ear and I kept grinning and smiling for the rest of the show. My face was sore at the end."

— Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

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"I know my primary teachers will be building on the performance to talk to kids about visualizing and inferring as reading skills. I was touched later to hear from a Grade 2 student without much contact with his dad that he wished you were his dad because of all the cool things he could learn!"

Janice Kent, Principal
HPauline Johnson
Jr. Public School, Scarborough, ON

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"The performance was very polished and appropriately paced toward our audience. It has just the right amount of participation at the right times. The darkened gym and stage lights created a real theatre atmosphere. Many positive comments from staff and students. "

Michelle Fraser
Silver Creek Elementary School
Hope, BC

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"I really liked how there were links to nature, literacy, activity. I also liked that there were historical references to mime. The sound and lighting made a huge difference, compared to other performances we have had. "

Patrick Kinghorn, VP
Glenmerry Elementary, Trail, BC

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"Trent was a captivating performer. All students and teachers were thoroughly engaged in his performance. Many teachers spoke of the performance afterwards and this does not usually happen. "

Andrea Barclay, Fine Arts Rep
Howard DeBeck Elementary
Richmond, BC

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“...had the audience grinning
from ear to ear ..."

Very polished....

A captivating performer...

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Mime comedy Theatre

Think Bigg blends mime, storytelling and lots of audience participation into a hilarious show of kid-friendly stories and characters. "In short episodes as a racing-car driver, a pilot, a robot, a digital dude, a puppet named Mr. Bigg and the classic man-trapped-in-box scenario, he fascinates his young audience and involves them in trying some of his moves and realizing the power of the imagination." — Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, Toronto